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A ride across America to promote awareness and the solution of sexual abuse in men and boys. Victims No More!

On June 18, 2017, Courageous Healers Foundation founder Randy Boyd will be embarking on a nationwide campaign bike ride traveling from Indio, CA to Beach Lake PA. Along the way, Randy will be stopping in various cities and recovery centers to speak and raise awareness about how sexual abuse of boys affects men today by sharing his own personal story and journey through the healing process. This ride will serve as a fund-raiser for the Courageous Healers Foundation, which will allow Randy to continue to bring awareness of how sexual abuse of boys impact the lives of men around the country.


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Randy is a Courageous Healing survivor of childhood emotional, physical, sexual and spiritual abuse. He knows firsthand the devastating effects abuse has on men; how it affects every aspect their being, self-esteem and self worth. It also impacts their relationships with loved ones and business associates. Often times men feel alone with this secret; they are too ashamed to talk about it so they turn to drugs, alcohol, food, gambling and over achieving to compensate for how they feel. Most men do not know there is a solution to the problem, a way out of their pain. Randy is the author of the ground breaking and comprehensive book - Healing the Man Within. He is also a life coach, CADC-1, associate of “It Happens To Boys” and public

Courageous Healers Foundation and Randy are looking for both sponsors and contributions to support this foundation and their quest to bring awareness to our local State and Federal Government. There are several ways you can contribute (see attached) or visit

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