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Welcome from Randy Boyd

Welcome everyone and thanks for visiting. I am hopeful that you might find some of the answers you have been looking for about yourself, who you are and why you might be feeling "Less Than" as a man or young boy. Is your self esteem in question? Do you have low or no self esteem? Do have over whelming feelings of shame arising from no where and for no apparent reason? Do you have a hard time engaging in a general conversation with people at a social gathering because you have no self worth, you feel your opinions and words are empty and meaningless? Do you have a hard time interacting with other men and women or for boys with other boys and girls? These are just a few of the signs I know of that can put a red flag up for some form of abuse. While our main focus is on sexual molestation, emotional, spiritual, physical and verbal abuse can be equally damaging to the male Psyche. And if you are like me and have experienced a combination of all of these abuse issues, it is devastating. It is important to know that I am not a licensed professional and I do not have a PHD as of yet. I do however have a PH-DO in life and am working on getting the credentials needed to become a PHD. So when I speak, I am speaking from what I have learned about myself in talking with Professional therapist over the years as well as working and talking with men that have suffered from the abuse at the hands of someone they were taught to trust, rather the perpetrator was a male or female does not matter, it's all abuse.

Who We Are

Courageous Healers Foundation is a collaborative of resources helping men, boys and their families heal from the scars of sexual abuse.

Mission Statement

Raise awareness and promote the solution for sexually abused men. We want men to have a chance at living an authentic life, one where they learn to love themselves. One where they learn that it is okay and acceptable for a man to talk about their feelings, and most importantly to let them know they are not alone.

Vision Statement

Provide a facility where boys, men and their families can come to begin their healing journey from the devastating effects of childhood abuse, primarily sexual abuse, providing both individual and group therapy.

Provide safe housing for sexually abused boys to live in, under professional supervision, where they can feel safe and loved,

Provide a forum for both the student of mental health and the practicing therapist to further their knowledge of the effects of child abuse, primarily sexual and including physical, emotional/mental and spiritual, on the male victim.

Our Strategy

Courageous Healers Foundation is a non-profit 501-C3 corporation that provides counseling for men and boys that have been sexually abused.

Revenue will be generated from two sources. Sixty percent of revenue will come from a combination of fundraising, private donations and governmental and institutional grants. Forty percent will come from fees charged for services rendered.

Experienced licensed therapist as well as interns will be used to deliver therapy to clients. The Courageous Healers Foundation will operate with multi-step program encompassing the mind, body and spirit. Therapy will follow the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach as well as implementing other approaches as deemed necessary.