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Healing The Man Within Book

Healing The Man Within Book

Healing The Man Within

Finally! A male survivor speaks out about male childhood sexual abuse. Randy offers survivors and their families answers to their questions of why they act out the way they do, and strategies to start living with greater purpose and happiness. Unlike books based on academic theories and abstract philosophies.

Randy Boyd talks candidly about what it takes for men to heal from the pain of childhood sexual abuse. Randy tells his story in a way that the lay-person can absolutely relate to. He talks candidly about the effects of male sexual abuse such as low self-esteem, low self-worth, self-doubt, sexual problems, un-forgiveness, anger and rage. He talks about the direct correlation between sexual abuse and drug and alcohol addiction, as well as his drive to be successful in life at all cost as a way of proofing his worth as a man. With contributions from Jerry Moe, Dan Griffin, Dr. Allen Berger, John Lee and Dr. Mic Hunter, Healing the Man Within is a well balanced book between an autobiography and a self-help book.

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